Tilt rod type for plantation shutters available in Goodwood

In Goodwood production, currently there have 4 tilt rod types for your plantation shutters orders. You can suggest to customers depend on different location, application and their favoritism. Here are some instructions for the four tilt rod types.

Central Tilt Rod

Center Tilt (front tilt) is the standard shutter tilt rod for wood shutters and poly shutters. This tilt rod is fixed in the center of each shutter slats with staples, so it is called the central tilt rod. It has a traditional look of plantation shutters and timeless style.

All shutter slats being gather together between the top and bottom rail or divider rail, It can be split at specific positions. eg: Top and bottom above or below the midrail (the exactly location need be offered when placing the order). While for Bi-fold panels , the shutter tilt rod will be positioned 8 mm off center to ensure the panels can be folded on each other without hitting the tilt rod.

Central tilt rod for plantation shutters

Offset Tilt Rod (Side tilt rod)

Offset tilt rod option has a contemporary look and is a popular choice. Placed closer to the hinged side of panel which is the same style as the center tilt rod, The standard will be 1 inch in from the end of slats/louvers, this can also be split at specific positions eg: Top and Bottom above or below the midrail (the exactly location need be offered when placing the order).

Offset tilt rod for plantation shutters

Hidden Tilt Rod (Rear tilt bar)

Plantation shutter hidden tilt rod is a thin metal strip attached behind the slats by screws that is hardly noticeable from the front. You only need to tilt one of the slats, and the rest will follow. The rear tilt rod offer a contemporary style and minimalistic look due to its streamlined shape, which is very suitable for indoor windows.

This type of shutters tilt rod provides a clear view when the slats/louvers are open as the tilt rod is almost invisible from the front. This can also be split at specific locations eg: Top and Bottom above or below the midrail (the exactly location need be offered when placing the order).

Hidden tilt rod (rear tilt bar) for shutters

Easy Tilt Rod (Gear system)

This plantation shutter easy tilt rod is totally hidden tilt rod which allows you to adjust the slats/louvres without a tilt rod. An gear operating mechanism system is built into the shutter stile panel itself, enabling the louvres to be adjusted altogether by hand.

It is with smooth and quiet operation and the design of hidden gear system offers a totally uniform closure. You can open and close the slats/louvers with one simple touch, offering a classic and contemporary interior window treatments.

Totally hidden tilt rod for plantation shutter (gear system tilt rod)

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