Plantation Shutter Styles

We has 7 different styles of interior window shutters, they are hinged, cafe style, sliding, bi-fold, tier on tier, solid panel and special shape. As the plantation shutters are customized products, different window can be fixed with different shutter styles, and can make your home more beautiful after installation. Plantation shutters are not only elegant and durable, but also have incomparable advantages over other window treatments in terms of indoor light control (protection of privacy), increased insulation and noise reduction etc., so they are favored by homeowners.

Wood and pvc materials are available for each style of plantation shutters. Wooden shutter will show the classic and luxurious look for you, and are ideal for windows and doors in the living room and bedroom. Compared with the cost of wooden shutters, poly shutters are cheaper and have waterproof function, especially suitable for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms etc. If you like wood shutters, we can also make poly shutters that look like wood.

Hinged Shutters manufacturers China Hinged Shutters suppliers

Hinged Shutters

Hinged shutters are the most common style and widely used for indoor windows, it's frame and panel be linked by hinges. You can customize the shutters with the specified panel layout code, frame type, color and shape, etc. The plantation shutters are available in wood and pvc materials.

Sliding Shutters manufacturers China Sliding Shutters suppliers

Sliding Shutters

Sliding plantation shutters (bypass track shutters) is a panel that moves from side to side to cover or expose a window. Sliding shutters are perfect for interior windows, sliding glass doors, patio doors, wardrobe doors and room dividers. We has 4 different shutter track system options.

Bi-fold Shutters manufacturers China Bi-fold Shutters suppliers

Bi-fold Shutters

Bi-fold plantation shutter is a kind of shutters more suitable for a room dividers and covering a sliding doors. This one is similar as the sliding shutters, but it can give you a full view of outside when you fold all the panels, very suitable for sliding glass doors, interior windows, patio and French doors.

Tier on Tier Shutters manufacturers China Tier on Tier Shutters suppliers

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier-on-Tier Shutters cover the entire window and the top and bottom panels can be controlled separately. It is an ideal choice for road facing windows, bay windows etc where you'd like to have more flexibility in the daily use. Direct from factory supply, you can enjoy competitive price and stable quality.

Cafe Style Shutters manufacturers China Cafe Style Shutters suppliers

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters only cover the bottom half of the window, allowing light and air to enter, while maintaining privacy at the bottom of the window. Ideal for indoor kitchens, bathrooms, sash and bay windows. Both wood and poly material shutter available, over 20 colors and nearly 23 frame types available.

Solid Panel Shutters manufacturers China Solid Panel Shutters suppliers

Solid Panel Shutters

Solid panel shutters have been in the UK and European etc countries for many years. It provide a more traditional (Victorian style) for interior window treatments. Plantation shutters direct from china manufacturer, cheaper and more affordable. We provide a full package service of custom shutters.

Shaped Shutters manufacturers China Shaped Shutters suppliers

Shaped Shutters

We can offer you the custom made shaped shutter with any size and any shape you want to fit your windows well. Special shapes including: arched, round, oval, octagonal, hexagonal, fan-shaped, etc. Direct factory supply, so you can enjoy competitive price and stable quality, save your shutter cost.