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Hinged Shutters

Hinged Plantation Shutters Manufacturer China Shutter Supplier

Hinged Shutters is the most common form and widely used by customers for their windows. Available for wood and pvc material. Nearly 20 kinds of shutter frame types for your choice. You can customize the shutters with your specified layout code, frame type, color and shape etc. Our hinged shutters are come with pre-assembled, Both frames and panels are fixed with the hinge, when you receive the order package, you just need to insert the hinge pin and do the necessary assembling with the hardwares and plastic parts supplied.

Shutter Material:

Wood and PVC are available. Timber including Basswood, Poplar and Radiata Pine (with FSC).

3 types available in Hinged Shutter:

1. Hinged Panels

Panel Layout Code

Panels Layout Code Drawing of Hinged Shutter

2.Double Hinged Panels

Double Hinged Panels Drawing

3.Fixed Panels

Fixed Panels U-groove of Shutter

Hinge Style and Hinge Colors Available

different hinges for plantation shutters

Shapes Available:

Square Shape, Arch, Hexagon, Ellipse, Quarter, Octagon, Eyebrow, Circle, Triangle, Half Circle or Customized Shape Shutter.

Shutter Frame Options and Color available:

Color Options: (Customized Color Available)

Shutter Frames

We has all kinds of plantation shutter frames for poly shutters and wooden shutters. Such as L frame, Z frame and custom shutter frame, etc. Pls refer to below link:

Frames For Poly Shutter.

Frames For Wood Shutter.

Shutters Tilt Rod Options:

Goodwood has 4 different types of shutter tilt rod for your choice. Traditional (centred), Traditional (offset), Contemporary (hidden). Plantation shutter with or without tilt rod can be freely chosen. Pls refer to the link: Shutter Tilt Rod Options.


Living room, Corridor, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Gym, Cate Store etc Interior places.


Australia, USA, Canada, Newzealand, South African, United Kingdom etc European market.

Function & Benefits:


Following container orders can be on weekly shipping basis for both shutter material.

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Hinged Shutter Photos Gallery:

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