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Bi-fold Shutters

Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters Manufacturer China Shutter Supplier

Bifold Shutters can give you a clear view of outside when you fold all the panels. It's more suitable for a room dividers & covering a sliding door. Bifold plantation shutters can be installed on doors and windows, such as: shutters for bifold doors, bifold shutters for sliding glass doors and interior bifold window shutters. It has bifold interior shutters and bifold exterior shutters, but mostly used interior doors and windows. (an even number of panels folding each way is necessary when ordering Bi-Fold shutters because of the nature of the hardwares).

We'd refer following character & specification of bifold shutter when ordering it:

Shutter Material:

Wood and PVC are available. Timber including Basswood, Poplar and Radiata Pine (with FSC).

Head board available size: (100mm, 140mm)

Frames for Bi-fold shutters: They need head board at 100mm,140mm width according to the trucks. Fascia and side board are normally used for Bi fold shutters. If no side board selected, a light stop will be required on each side.

Bifold Shutter Headboard Available Size

Layout Code Options:

The layout code for bifold shutter panels are the same as Hinged panels, which are used to configure the specified direction of the panels: RR, LL, RRRR, LLLL, LLRR, RRRRRR, LLLLLL, LLRRRR, LLLLRR, RRRRRRRR, LLLLLLLL AND LLLLRRRR. The width is limited as: Basswood: the maximum panel width is 700mm. Fauxwood: the maximum panel width is 650mm.

Bifold Shutter Layout Code Options

Bifold shutter panels can be folded at approximately 90 degrees to the wall, but can not fold back 180 degrees flat onto a wall. All the bifold shutter panels will come with rabbet stiles where the panels meet to ensure the light gaps are kept to a minimum.

Track and Hardwares Be Used:

Tracking for Bi-fold shutter panels: All the Bi-fold shutter panels will run on a tracking system, which consists of a top track & bottom track. There will be wheels, top & bottom pivots, bumpers supplied.

Bi-fold Shutter Track Be Used:

Track Plantation Shutters

Bi-fold Shutter Hardwares Be Used:

bi-fold Shutter Hardwares

Bottom Track Options for Bi-fold Shutter:

Track In Board: Track mounted inside the Board.

bi-fold Shutter with Track mounted inside the Board

Track On Board: Track mounted to Frame Board.

bi-fold Shutter with Track mounted to Frame Board

Track Only: Track mounted directly to the floor.

bi-fold Shutter with Track mounted directly to the floor

Shutter Frame Options and Color available:

Color Options: (Customized Color Available)

Shutter Frames

We has all kinds of plantation shutter frames for poly shutters and wooden shutters. Such as L frame, Z frame and custom shutter frame, etc. Pls refer to below link:

Frames For Poly Shutter.

Frames For Wood Shutter.

Shutters Tilt Rod Options:

Goodwood has 4 different types of shutter tilt rod for your choice. Traditional (centred), Traditional (offset), Contemporary (hidden). Plantation shutter with or without tilt rod can be freely chosen. Pls refer to the link: Shutter Tilt Rod Options.


Living room, Corridor, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Gym, Cate Store etc Interior places.


Australia, USA, Canada, Newzealand, South African, United Kingdom etc European market.

Function & Benefits:


Following container orders can be on weekly shipping basis for both shutter material.

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